Monday, December 22, 2003

"Handling the Information Flows"

Very astute post by Alexandre Repkine the other day:

Date Posted: 01:29:07 12/18/03 Thu
Author: Alexandre Repkine
Subject: handling the information flows

For many years I was thinking what the secret of UBF power was and I finally figured that out. It's not the money, it's not their superior intellectual or spiritual power, it's the way they isolate their members (including themselves) from the "undesirable" information. When I was a kid I lived in the Soviet Union where information controls were instilled just the way they are in UBF. Because of that I believed the West is all evil, South Korea is a puppet and I'm just lucky to live in the paradise for workers and peasants. When perestroika came it was painful to get disillusioned, but I'm grateful this revelation has happened to me.

There's been a lot of talk here about how to counterweigh the UBF control and power. Sad as it is, it is impossible to do anything unless the information barrier is broken. But how can one break it in a legal way? Send 'em letters--they won't even read it before throwing out. Try to meet them--they won't let you in. E-mails returned unread, phone calls not returned at all, any discussion killed at its conception, no criticism accepted--how can one deal with it? They've no links to the sites like this one on their websites, they take up all of the members' time leaving them no chance to learn of a different viewpoint.

I recently sent an E-mail to my former shepherd here in Korea asking her some questions--foolish me, of course she never answered..

Sorry for sounding so angry at the Christmas time, but thanks to the UBF any Christian holiday became a nightmare for me. We went to one of our professors' home the other Saturday, he turned out to be member of the UBF-like cult. There were muslims and hindus among us, never mind, he and his wife wanted us to sing Christian songs. I got so angry I couldn't hold it inside of me.

Finally, now that I've lived here for almost three years (in Seoul) I can assure you the UBF Koreans have nothing in common with the normal Koreans except for the language (even the language is being screwed up in UBF actually). That last remark is meant for those who generalize their UBF experience to the whole Korean nation--don't do that, trust me, there's nothing wrong with Koreans, it's all the UBF mentality (or rather the lack of it) that makes things look so ugly.

I remember the very angry, fearful and panicked reactions of some UBF people back in early 2001 when they found out I was reading the ugly secrets about UBF and Samuel Lee on the internet.