Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sam Lee comment on another 2ndgen suicide

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This is Sam Lee on the 1990s suicide death of another UBF 2ndgen, the daughter of a Korean UBF elder,

... One girl was the concertmaster in an orchestra. She was rebuked by the conductor and criticized by orchestra members. Then, that afternoon, she jumped from the third floor of the music stadium and immediately died of brain damage. She knew that she had to work harder so that she could be ready as the concertmaster of the orchestra. But she neglected to do so with many excuses. When we carefully observe, laziness was her root problem. These days laziness is one of the crucial problems of this country. ...

This passage is part of Lee's Matthew 20a "message" and still viewable at UBF web sites, part of the demented "spiritual legacy" that UBF is seemingly determined to preserve.