Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Having nothing to do with God...

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This was from A summary of some of UBF's biblical/doctrinal errors:

Romans 1:5 is often quoted by UBF leaders to equate grace and apostleship, such that a person's acceptance of God's saving grace is constantly called into question if they are not participating in the group's main mission of recruitment. Apostleship, as UBF defines it, is the only fruit of grace that UBF recognizes, contrary to what Paul writes in Romans 12:6-8. As Samuel Lee often stated, "Those who have no mission (UBF apostleship) have nothing to do with God!"

The leader of an "Internet UBF chapter" responds: "I agree. Those who have no mission have nothing to do with God."

My response: I disagree. Those who use fear and the threat of loss of salvation to enforce the need to recruit have nothing to do with God. If not the explicit loss of salvation, then those who use fear, guilt and shame to enforce the need to recruit have nothing to do with God. Those who nullify the gospel of grace with forced mission-ism are going to have some issues with God. Those who try to fit all the diverse pegs of the Holy Spirit's gifts into the square holes of UBF's mission-ism (the need to recruit) have little to do with God. Those who use mission-ism to promote a false sense of elitism among Christians have very little to do with Christ. Those who have to twist the truth to defend indefensible acts in their hyper-loyalty to a group have ... Shall I go on?