Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A UBF Easter conference memory

From my personal story:

In April 2000, I attended a UBF Easter conference where Samuel Lee was present. A college student named Daniel C., the son of current Chicago UBF elder, Isaac C., delivered a message during an evening meeting. For no apparent reason, Mr. Lee stated that he did not like the message that Daniel delivered or the way that Daniel delivered the message, and Mr. Lee ordered that Daniel be made to run laps around the conference grounds in the dark of night. This all happened even while Daniel's mother was present at the same conference. The text of the Easter message that Daniel delivered can be read at [url withheld].

I thought that night for the umpteenth time in my UBF life, as I saw Dan C. trudge sadly into the night at the conference grounds, "Only in a cult does this stuff happen."