Saturday, July 29, 2006

Easy believism

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No, not that easy believism. I'm talking about the easy believism described below (from here):

He [a "Christian journalist"] wrote to me stating he has met with the Joe Jr. team [leaders of a church] and that the church was no longer a cult. He stated he has taken the "leader's word at face value and trusted them." If this is an example of what is available for Christian guidance for cult members, God help us all!

God help us indeed!

I wouldn't count on such people, who show such gullibility and such a lack of discernment about cults, to care one whit about the testimonies or plight of former members or about the evidence. I'd go further and say that dealing with such gullible people can reopen the very wounds that our former cult inflicted upon us. Sadly, such gullible and undiscerning people, for the most part, call themselves evangelical Christians.